Originally published as a ‘Letter to the Editor,’ Lethbridge Herald, February 2, 2022

I, and I’m sure many residents of the federal riding of Lethbridge, were appalled to watch as our elected Member of Parliament unilaterally endorsed the so-called ‘Freedom Convoy.’

The convoy members were advocating for removing COVID-19 health guidelines and protocols, which were put in place to protect Canadians, and the repeal of the legal requirement for cross-border truckers to be vaccinated. In other words, allowing unvaccinated individuals to endanger others by crossing our nation’s borders despite our MP initially having condemned our government for not closing the borders fast enough. Lastly, they called for the overthrow of our democratically elected government.

This movement resulted in the flying of the swastika on Parliament Hill days after Holocaust Remembrance Day, the defacing of Terry Fox’s statue, and dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachael Thomas has continuously spread disinformation regarding public safety. This pandemic has claimed over 70 lives and resulted in over 10,000 cases in Lethbridge alone.

While 86 per cent of Albertans over the age of 12 have received double vaccinations, she continues to favour fringe groups and propaganda rather than encouraging medically supported practices that would further protect our community.

At this crucial moment in our nation’s history, we must do all we can to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbours. To do any less is irresponsible and unbecoming for the office of Member of Parliament.

Devon Hargreaves