Federal budget will benefit all Albertans

Originally written on April 7th, 2022, and published to devonhargreaves.com, before appearing as a ‘Letter to the Editor’ in the Lethbridge Herald, on April 20, 2022. Last Thursday, our federal Liberal government announced the 2022 budget, investing heavily in our economic growth. The budget is ambitious, yet realistic, in how it endeavors to move Canada […]

Provincial Petitions Remain in the Dark Ages

Most Canadians are not able to lobby their provincial governments online. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the need for new ways of doing things. The federal government, one province, and one territory already allow for e-petitions, showing that it is feasible. Having extensive experience with petitions, including a successful bid […]

Thomas support for the trucker convoy is irresponsible

Originally published as a ‘Letter to the Editor,’ Lethbridge Herald, February 2, 2022 I, and I’m sure many residents of the federal riding of Lethbridge, were appalled to watch as our elected Member of Parliament unilaterally endorsed the so-called ‘Freedom Convoy.’ The convoy members were advocating for removing COVID-19 health guidelines and protocols, which were put […]

Meaningful Change Begins with You

This article was originally published on the Knock Knock Blog on 1/31/2022. In today’s digital age, the temptation to limit one’s advocacy to what can be accomplished from behind a keyboard is overwhelming. We are inundated with calls to share, copy and post, retweet, or sign online petitions (many of which have no real standing with the appropriate level […]